Ice Breaking Magic to get the Party Started!

The Professional Icebreaker

"I really do not know how he does what he does, but it was certainly entertaining to watch!"
Larry Deshon
President of Avis Budget Group

A Warm Welcome From Leigh

Welcome to my website… it’s a pleasure to have you come visit!

You may have found me while you’ve been trawling the worldwide web seeking out incredible entertainment from a Birmingham Magician that’s sure to make your next event absolutely awesome! Maybe you witnessed me in action last week and thought, ‘Wow! I definitely want Leigh performing at my forthcoming festivities’. Or maybe your (may I say, very smart!) contacts got wind of your plans and urged you to check out how I can fascinate your friends, family or fellow colleagues at your upcoming occasion.

But how you got here is beside the point. You’re undoubtedly more interested in how I can help you become the hero of your upcoming nuptials, executive extravaganza, premium product launch or big birthday bash.

Experience has shown that at any event, the sooner guests get chatting to new people, the sooner they’ll warm up and enjoy the proceedings, meaning it’s a much quicker success. And that’s where my lively, sleight of hand sorcery, entrancing performances and OMG moments (not to mention my uncanny ability to memorise everyone’s names on the spot) come in. Fusing comedy with magic has guests aching with laughter, which makes for fantastic candid photo ops if you have a photographer present. It also helps captivate crowds, creates a convivial atmosphere, saves your guests from all those awkward first impressions, gets them mingling in minutes and forming new and lasting connections in no time at all. And I love every single minute of doing so.

So don’t leave your guests out in the cold. Simply click the button to the left to arrange a call- back to chat through your plans and see how I can help; or stay a while here on the website, take a look around and discover more about my icebreaking entertainment.

And if I don't hear from you today, I look forward to chatting with you about your event very soon.

Magical Regards

Leigh Edgecombe

The Professional Icebreaker

Post-Pandemic Wedding Parties

Already tied the knot but so far your plans to celebrate with your nearest and dearest have been on ice until the lifting of lockdown? With green shoots of hope that normality is finally returning, why not start setting the wheels in motion to plan the wedding party of the year?

Get in touch to see how Leigh can personalise your party plans with his icebreaking endeavours and create an atmosphere on the day that’s – without sounding too slushy – sure to melt the hearts of all those who join in your festivities.

Wonderful Wedding Services

From experience, Leigh knows that there are a number of times during the big day when, as newlyweds, you’re otherwise engaged with photo opportunities and all sorts of other formalities while your guests are left to their own devices. Which is why Leigh has a whole host of captivating tricks up his sleeve to engage, involve and bring together all sides of your wedding party, from beyond the wedding march and on into the wee small hours..

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Reunions… or Simply ‘Just Because’

Everyone loves a good party (and boy have we all got a whole lot of missed milestones to catch up on!), so you may be looking at ways to celebrate your next (or last!) birthday, a momentous anniversary, a modest housewarming, a memorable school prom, Christmas festivities for you and your work colleagues, or to hold a big old bash that says ‘farewell lockdown, hello loved ones’.

For Your Peace of Mind

Leigh is pleased to announce that he is taking bookings once again and looking forward to providing top notch icebreaking entertainment for your events. Awaiting the news in June, Leigh understands the uncertainty of planning events during this time and so is offering new and existing bookings complete flexibility which means that you can have complete peace of mind when booking Leigh for your event either side of the announcements. Strictly following the government guidelines Leigh has created a contactless show performed fully social distanced which is perfect for garden parties and small outdoor gatherings to celebrate – for more information on Leigh’s new act please see below or click for FAQs.

See Below for Leigh's Contactless Show

Get in touch now to discover the different packages to wow your guests and get your celebration booked in before it’s too late!

Small Garden Gatherings or Birthday Parties need Interactive, Contactless, Entertainment aka I.C.E

Leigh has created a new style of magic he has coined I.C.E which stands for for Interactive, Contactless, Entertainment and is the perfect interactive experience for small weddings and private parties.

Working within the government guidelines, Leigh has produced an entertaining and engaging show which is completely hands-off for him but hands-on for you and your guests as they partake in this interactive experience.

Leigh's ICE act is best enjoyed together as a full hour of stand up magic for everyone to be involved in. All Leigh needs is a fun audience that want to have a good time and a suitable space to perform in and that's it! He will come prepared and ready to perform.

Virtually Impossible Entertainment for Team Builds and Conferences aka V.I.P

There’s never been a more important time than now to stay connected with your team, and what better way to do so than by taking advantage of Leigh’s brand new Virtual Interactive Performances? Or have him help facilitate, host or co-host your next digital conference: an engaging, highly interactive experience that helps keep your delegates focused, energised and motivated throughout the day.

Find out more about how Leigh can help you connect with everyone on your next virtual event.

Watch Leigh's Virtual Showreel

Since May 2020 Leigh has provided this service to companies such as CISCO CX, Reckitt, Digity, CISCO, Zeal Creative, IQVIA, NerveCentre, HardRock Hotels, DesignWorkStudios, Cadbury’s and co-hosted the AccentureUK annual conference.

''Leigh is a first class magician. He kept our entire family entertained for hours. Some of his 'magic' is unbelievable - right in front of your eyes. Amazing entertainer.''
Catherine Turner
Private Party in London 2019

Icebreaking in Action...

Leigh's Past Clients Include