Personalised Performances to Reward, Motivate and Engage Your Colleagues

    There’s never been a more important time than now to stay connected with your team and what better way to do so than by taking advantage of Leigh’s brand new Virtual Interactive Performances? Or have him help facilitate, host or co-host your next digital conference: an engaging, highly interactive experience that helps keep your delegates focused, energised and motivated throughout the day.

    "I've hired Leigh twice now and he's been first class. We held a team social over zoom with Leigh as the main event and he blew everyone away. It was just what we needed after weeks of lockdown and everyone had a lot of fun. I'd highly recommend leigh and when we're back to seeing people at events I'll be looking to book him in person".
    Chris Lunn
    MD of Digity
    "Leigh performed for us a digitally fantastic show with excellent personal touches that our organisation loved. Very professional and courteous. I wouldn't hesitate to get in touch with him!"
    Thomas W
    Supply Planner Manager - Mondelez
    "I always call upon Leigh when asked to recommend a magician to my clients. Leigh's skill as a magician is second to none, however its his passion, lively personality and ability to make people feel instantly at ease that makes him an ideal icebreaker for any occasion".
    Mathew Turvey
    Global Sales Director of HardRock Hotels

    Wow-Factor Workshops

    Opting for one of Leigh’s team building workshops is another great way of getting all of your team together to learn some magic too… even when you can’t be together in person.

    Similar to the shows, the workshops start with an icebreaker and a little interactive magic, are followed by a lively, compelling performance, wrapping up with a collection of tricks that you’ll all watch and then learn in great detail… so you can entertain the crowds in return for a few pints down the pub when we’re finally all out of lockdown!

    The Perfect Match

    See Leigh in action on the video below and discover which of these services would work best for your team; or arrange a call-back if you’d like to find out more.

    VIP Team Meeting Magic and Team Build Activities

    VIPs for short, Leigh’s brand new Virtual Interactive Performances, exclusive to corporate clients and crafted to reward, motivate, refocus and energise teams, are guaranteed to add a touch of magic to your virtual team meetings and team building activities.

    Tailored Trickery

    Geared towards tricks and activities that can only be achieved with everyone’s participation and using items that can easily be found around the house as your props, Leigh’s immersive, interactive shows will stop your team from freezing up and have everyone performing magic in their very own hands, wherever in the world you all happen to be!

    These shows last between 30-45 minutes and include icebreakers, energisers, interactive tricks and activities and culminate in a finale that incorporates your company’s logo… just like the examples above.

    "We employed Leigh to co-host and facilitate the Accenture annual Conference as part of the DWP Life event in Nov 2020.  Leigh supported the event by not only hosting the event on his own Zoom but co-hosted the introduction to segments, speakers and general facilitating which took so much stress off of the organisers and gave the event such a unique twist!"
    Dee Davids
    Consultant at LifeDWP

    Digital Conferences

    Part Magician. Part Facilitator. Part Host. All-round Icebreaker! Leigh has everything you need to make your conference the most captivating one yet.

    Since adapting his act back in July 2020, Leigh is now able to help facilitate, host or co-host your next digital conference, providing icebreakers, team building activities, keynotes, workshops, energisers and magical presentations as and when needed… all wrapped into an utterly bespoke service that’s totally tailored to your conference needs.

    Having made certain he’s able to deliver to his corporate clients the exact same impact virtually as if he was live on stage, he’s also discovered new segments for inclusion into his acts that actually work better on-screen. And it’s certainly done the trick. Since July 2020, Leigh has performed and co-hosted conferences for Reckitt Benckiser, Accenture, Cadburys, CISCO, Digity, WorkStudios and Zeal Creative and would be over the moon to add your company to the list!

    Professional, High-Quality Performances to Impress your Guests on any Platform...

    Professional Background and Tidy Attire.
    Performances are streamed in 4K HD Crystal Clear Video
    Professionally Sourced Microphone for Clear and Precise Audio
    Top Quality Lighting Equipment
    5G Hyperoptic WiFI Connection for an uninterrupted performance

    Props in the Post

    Leigh’s virtual performances have been crafted to work with items that are easily found around the home; but if you fancy giving your team something a little different, why not consider adding Leigh’s ‘Props by Post’ or magically themed goodie bags and giveaways into the mix? Props or giveaways – each branded to your business – can be delivered straight to your doors – wherever you and your team are in the world – for inclusion in your virtual show or as a thank you to all your team.

    "Leigh performed for us during a virtual team event in May 2020 and blew us away! The event was 18 people strong and held on Zoom. Leigh has adapted incredibly quickly and has ensured his shows remain intriguing and engaging and above all, entertaining. I recommend Leigh for any corporate team building".
    Kate Drew
    Head Shopper of Marketing

    Customisable and Personalised Performances to Blow your Staff Away!

    Fully branded tricks throughout your virtual event – each specially crafted by Leigh to highlight the power of your product and deliver your key messages in slick, professional style.

    Companies who have used Leigh's Personalised Virtual Shows

    Organising an In-Person Event?

    "I really do not know how he does what he does, but it was certainly entertaining to watch!"
    Larry Deshon
    President of Avis Budget Group

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